A Book Gift Idea Lands First Position In This 2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Music Lovers

I have been promoting this book ever since it was first released in 2019. The book is still making waves. In Tune, Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness is now a great gift idea in 2020. Parade.com is an online magazine that gave the book top or first placement out of 22 other gift ideas. This means a new audience of over 98K readers will hopefully buy the book. As public relations success stories go, this is like hitting a PR home run.  Promotion like this also helps boost awareness for the author, Richard “Wolfie” Wolf, a true music industry insider and award winner who wrote the book to help fellow musicians (and anyone who loves musicians) with his journey to inner peace. He offers tips and techniques that combine the practice of music to the practice of deeper meditation and mindfulness. Having a book like this is like having a pocket sized guide to help you create your own mental bridge between sound and silence. 

The best gift a musician can have is inner peace and calm.

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